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Baseball Rules and Regulations

baseball rules

Rules and Regulations

Bat Rules

Approved Bats - Cal Ripken Baseball and Babe Ruth Baseball

  • Cal Ripken Division - All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking. The Barrel Maximum is 2 5/8". No BBCOR Bats are permitted in the Cal Ripken Division. For the T-Ball Division, bats must be marked with the USABat T-Ball Stamp.
  • Babe Ruth Baseball 13-15 Division – All non-wood bats must have the USABat Marking or marked BBCOR .50. Bat Barrel - 2 5/8
  • Babe Ruth Baseball 16-18 Division - All non-wood bats MUST be a BBCOR .50 and no greater than a -3. Barrel - 2 5/8
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rules and regulations

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